Frequently asked questions

Where is EmBodied Yoga School located?

We host residential programs at Shanti Community in Madrid, New Mexico. Our online offerings are available to anyBody from any walk of life. Programming and services shine a light on cultural diversities and celebrating the Self through mindful embodiment that cultivates safe space and invites opportunties for deepening resilience, transformation, and self-compassion.

What is EmBodied Yoga?

EmBodied yoga is a practice rooted in mindful body awareness. Through intentional body postures and breathwork, each practitioner is guided to notice what is happening in their body right now, from moment to moment. Without needing to change or fix anything, individuals are guided through a safe and nurturing practice that lends itself to cultivate opportunties for healing and transformation.

How do I access classes?

Classes are currently being developed and are offered online through Facebook and Zoom. Drop-in rates and class packages are available. Interested in signing up? E-mail Bri for more information!

200-hr Teacher Training Program

Current and aspiring yoga teachers, as well as individuals working in activism, social justice, therapy, education, and social services will find this training enlightening and vital. EmBodied Yoga School focuses on creating safe space for individuals from all walks of life, especially marginalized populations. Learn how to facilitate yoga-based experiences that build trust, cultivate connection, and transform trauma. EmBodied Yoga School is in process of receving their Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Recognition from Yoga Alliance.

Is EmBodied Yoga School approved by Yoga Alliance?

EmBodied Yoga School is in process of receving their Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Recognition from Yoga Alliance.

Online Chakra Workshops

Heal and align your body's energetic systems. Engage in sound healing, guided meditations, and specific postures designed to release physical and emotional toxins while promoting whole-body wellness. Learn where and how your body is blocked while developing skills to release tension and stress. Online workshops coming soon!

Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy Sessions

Therapeutic yoga sessions anchored in mindfulness and deep body awareness invite transformation, empowerment, and lasting healing that can truly change your relationship to your body and positively impact how you show up in all elements of your life. Individual online session - 90 minutes - $45 per person Small group sessions - 50 minutes - $15 per person

How can I benefit from doing EmBodied Yoga?

Practice the elemental art of listening to and honoring your body's voice in a safe and nurturing space. Classes are restorative in nature and offer space and time to get to know your body in new ways, while developing resilience and self-compassion. Online classes are accessible, appropriate, and beneficial for beginner and experienced yogis alike.