emBodied Yoga School New Mexico promotes inclusion and restoration for anyBody.


Cultivating an inclusive, accessible, and inviting teaching toolbox is the primary focus of our 200-hr Yoga Teacher Training.


During a time where modernized western yoga is primarily represented by a narrow population of privilege, we aim to widen the range of accessibility so all body types, with variable life experiences, find safety and solace in this sacred practice.

We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement. 


We see color and race and acknowledge the dynamic role it plays in identity, accessibility, and the ways in which we move and take up space in this world. All humans from all walks of life and socio-economic status and sexual and gender expressions are warmly welcomed here. Our mission is to be not just allies, but accomplices and co-conspirators, for those who have been oppressed, marginalized, and silenced. Check out more on how to end racism here.


In a sincere effort to break down barriers to access, safety, and inclusion, emBodied Yoga School seeks to offer body-centered (somatic) experiences for anyBody. 


The core of our practice is rooted in socially just principles and facilitating trauma-informed practices that invite awareness, healing, and transformation for human from all walks of life, especially those yearning to heal and liberate the whole Self from ancestral trauma through emBodiment practices as a revolutionary political tool.

Who should consider our 200hour Online Hybrid Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT) Training?

  •  All aspiring & experienced yoga teachers invested in offering diverse, inclusive, socially just and accessible yoga practices for general and marginalized populations

  • Alternative and classical health care providers and social service professionals who want to expand their toolbox with trauma-informed, socially-just, body-based treatment modalities for general and marginalized populations 

What is the purpose of emBodied Yoga School New Mexico?

To train yoga teachers from all walks of life, identities, shapes, sizes, and backgrounds how to teach safe and accessible emBodied yoga practices that invite curiosity, exploration, connection to Self, and opportunities for healing.


We have a bone deep longing to affect change in the current climate of the western yoga community by redefining modern yoga and cultivating accessibility for anyBody, especially those who have been oppressed, marginalized, silenced and disconnected from their bodies due to trauma. We are still learning but we are committed. Check out our reading list for current emBodied Yoga School New Mexico resources. 



  • Pay-what-you-can sliding scale from $375 - $1500​. Money and accessibility will not be a roadblock for any prospective student. Please contact us to discuss work trade, payment plans, and additional scholarship opportunities. 


2021 Anticipated  Start dates:

  • May

  • September


6-week Program Format:

  • 200hour Yoga Alliance Certified Yoga Teacher Training Program 

    • Weekly online programming 

    • Four, 4-day outdoor in-person intensives


See Location Here:

  • Up on a mesa in the epic expanse of the high desert just 30 minutes south of Santa Fe and 45 minutes north of Albuquerque

    • All-inclusive lodging or camping ​options available.
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