From the beginning...well, sort of

I started teaching yoga nearly 20 years ago.

I became anchored in restorative yoga and chakra healing and offered many classes, workshops, and retreats specifically for womyn and teens from marginalized populations and trauma backgrounds.

I started a company called Deva Healing Center over a decade ago. My vision for programming was born out of a bone deep desire to help womyn and teens from all walks of life cultivate voice, resiliency, and healing through yoga, expressive arts, and adventure expeditions. 


Life adventures routed me through Pennsylvania, California, Arizona, and finally landed me in my new forever home at Shanti Community Retreat near Santa Fe, New Mexico. 

Now, at the turn of 2020, I embark upon a new chapter in a time of viral pandemic and social isolation.  


Although I have spent over 3,000 nights sleeping in wilderness settings over the last 20 years, I am again

turning to yoga to affect change, create cross-cultural connections, deepen resiliency, and

offer in-roads for transformation and healing. 

I intimately know my whiteness and all it has afforded me in this life. I am also profoundly aware of the historic systems of oppression still in place that promote marginalization, silencing, eradication, and violence against womyn from all walks of life, LGBTQIA+ individuals and communities,

and all who identify as BIPOC.



In a sincere effort to break down barriers to access, safety, and inclusion,


emBodied Yoga School seeks to offer body-centered (somatic) experiences for anyBody. 



The core of our practice is rooted in socially just principles and facilitating trauma-informed practices


that invite awareness, healing, and transformation for human from all walks of life, especially those


yearning to heal and liberate the whole Self from ancestral trauma


through emBodiment practices as a revolutionary political tool.


Throughout my own own journey of learning to reclaim and recharge my body, post-addiction and abuse, and again through the lens of queerness, meaningful experiences with yoga, creative self-expression, and wilderness have been transformative inroads and sacred spaces for my healing soul. 

Join me, and like-minded others, for your own SoulJourney. 


Get out of your head and into your body. Reclaim what is rightfully and truly yours.


200hour Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings (RYT)


Online & Outdoor (@ShantiCommunity)

Programs start each May and September.


Get rooted. 

Be in the now. 









emBodied Yoga School

Teach Inclusive & Restorative Yoga for anyBody.


Bri Boertman, E-RYT,

Master's Degree in Health & Wellness Education


Lover of all things beautiful & bright.

Professional Experience:

  • Founder/Director: emBodied Yoga School of New Mexico

  • Founder/Director: Deva Healing Center & Deva SoulJourneys

  • Outdoor Educator for various schools across the US

  • Program Founder/Director: Family Development Program (advocacy program for marginalized youth)

  • Co-creator: Female Empowerment Program
    (31-day therapeutic wilderness
     expeditions) incorporating yoga, expressive arts, & backpacking

  • Wilderness Therapy Field Instructor for over a decade


  • Inclusive & restorative yoga classes, workshops, retreats

  • Thai Yoga Massage

  • Private somatic (body-centered) therapy sessions

  • Lead trainer, 200-hour Registered Yoga Teacher Trainings

  • Adventure Retreats (rafting, rock climbing, backpacking, hiking)

  • Consulting for adventure-based youth programs

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Dig Deep.

Expand your resilience

This is our time to be on the right side of history.

Hybrid online and outdoor, in-person intensives designed to cultivate deep connection with Self.


Intentionally curated classes for anyBody.


Practice mindful awareness, embodiment, and compassionate self-acceptance.


Grow your yoga teacher toolbox for facilitating safe and accessible practices for individuals and groups from marginalized populations and trauma backgrounds.

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